Friendly Discussion Groups

Getting together in small, friendly discussion groups has been found to be helpful for those experiencing Body Dysmorphic Disorder*.

A typical format for a discussion group would be meeting in a comfortable atmosphere (such as a cafe ) with a free flowing discussion about BDD and the impact it has on lives. Family and close friends are welcome to attend. Everything is handled with the utmost respect and with discretion for your privacy.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more about attending a discussion group, please complete the form below and we will let you know about the next meeting in your area. Please don’t hold back from contacting us, as there may be others in your area waiting to meet up.

*Please note: This is not based on any medical evidence, but rather on personal experiences of the volunteers of this site. 

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This group is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and at present Discussion Groups are not organised in any other areas. In the future, groups may be organised in other areas based on interest. Please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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