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Just announcing there will be no September meeting as we will be away. The meetings will resume as normal next month on 27 October 2019.



22.6.2013 1st BDD meet-up. 
Thanks everyone for coming to our first meet-up. We held it at a nice café in Ashburton over coffee and cake. We met a lovely young lady who has issues with BDD, and a husband and wife who have a young daughter who has  BDD. It was interesting to hear the different stories about this and how everyone is coping.

8.9.2013 2nd BDD meet-up. 
Held at an office in the Surrey Hill’s area. Special thanks to Paul for organising this venue for us.  We met three new people at this meeting, three lovely young girls, 2 with BDD issues and one  girl who was a supporter of one of the girls. Again it was very interesting to hear the different stories and the way they all deal with these issues; it takes a lot of courage to sit down and talk about these things with others; we hope it was of some help to all who attended.

So far we have had six people with BDD issues, who have made contact on our website and attended the meet-ups, hope many more people make contact

We will organise another meet-up in a month or so.  Thank you to all who have been involved so far.

23.10.2013  3rd BDD meet-up. 
Held at the Surrey Hills office. 4 people attended.

Held at Surrey Hills office. 5 people attended   Met a new family who’s son has BDD.

Held at Surrey Hills office. 6 people attended  Met a young man with BDD issues

Held at Surrey Hills  10 people attended  Met a young girl and her parents, she is having issues with BDD. Her parents are a great support for her.  The group is starting to grow more and more each week now,  it’s good to see people with BDD issues are willing to find support, then to try and deal with it themselves, they need someone who will listen and support them.

Had our meeting at our new location at Ashburton. We had 10 people attend. We met a  young girl who has issues with BDD and she brought along her partner, he is great support for her. The meeting went very well, we talked a great deal about how BDD effects all  parts of their lives.  Having an open discussion about BDD helps everyone including the supporters understand BDD better. We all learn a bit each meeting. Thank you.

We had 11 people attend.  There was great participation from all,  and a relaxed atmosphere  enabling  easy discussion and sharing of  how people were feeling, the bad feelings that come with the BDD, how it controls their lives, and there was great support from family and friends in helping them understand what BDD is; it is not who they are but what they think they are.  Thank you everybody.

Another great meeting, everyone who attends now really gets involved with discussion. We talk about the bad things with BDD but now we also have a bit of fun with  it, we like bagging BDD  to show it up for what it really is, we don’t want it controlling our lives anymore.  Great meeting Guys

Thanks to everyone who attended.  We had another person attend for the first time, the meeting went very well.

Another good meeting  9 people attend.  Talked about how we felt about dealing with BDD in the working environment and how it can interfere with your daily duties.  The discussion was very helpful to all.  Thanks everyone.

10 people attended this meeting. The meeting was full of positive feedback from everyone on how they had been over the past month. Everyone has been working on their self-esteem and being more positive in there day to day living. Thanks to everyone.

8 people attended the meeting. We had two new girls which was fantastic, the meeting went very well. We discussed a number of things about how BDD affects people’s lives and how they can overcome this.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

Our last meeting for the year.  We all had a nice lunch,  thanks everyone for helping.  The meeting went well we met a nice young man who has had issues with BDD. We talk about how we all are going with BDD and also the supporters how they coped. We talked about plans for next year on how we all think the group should operated. We talked about whether we should have some guest speakers to talk about different issues people have with BDD. Thanks to everyone.


Have a great New Year everyone.

Eight people attend. The meeting went off very well. We had two new people attend which was great. They talk about the issues that concern them about BDD, we all gave them positive feed back about how to cope.  Thanks to everyone for the input, a great start to the new year.

Seven people attend the meeting.  We had a new lady who is supporting her partner who has BDD issues, we mainly talk about supporting people with BDD.  Thanks for everyone who attend.  Good positive meeting.

Our meeting went very well. We met a young lady who has issues with BDD, her sister came along with her, she is a great support for her.  She and her sister listened to what we had to say about BDD, and they also were very open about how BDD does affect their lives.  Thanks for everyone who attended.

Again our meeting went very well. Our discussion was about the effects of BDD on every day life. Thanks everyone for attending. One of the girls brought along her boyfriend who is a great support for her.

It’s great to see that we have now reached our second year of the group.  Everyone should be very proud of themselves of what the group has able to do together.  We had one of the girls bring along her Mum which was great.  Thanks everyone.

Thanks everyone who attend.  The meeting went very well.  Sometimes just being there is such a positive thing. Kept going.

This meeting met a lot, Understanding BDD, helps us try harder, because we can see what we all are doing is working. Always  say positive with yourself.  Thanks everyone

Thanks for everyone who attend, the meeting went very well a good open talk.

Another meeting went very well,

Last meeting for the year, had a lovely Christmas lunch, thanks to everyone who help.  The meeting went very well we met some new people and there families.  Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for a great year.  Have a safe and happy holiday.


Welcome to the new year.

First meeting for the year.   We had three new girls attend and one of them bought their partner along. The meeting went very well, we just had a get together for our first meeting. Thanks everyone who attended. This year we plan to have more topics to talk about and have people come along to talk about BDD issues.

Thanks everyone for attending A very good meeting.

Another good meeting

Thanks for everyone who attend.  We had a new lady come along, and we talk about how BDD effected her life.

Another good meeting. Thanks everyone.

Thanks everyone.

We had another good meeting, thanks for everyone’s help.

Good meeting, thanks everyone.

Thanks everyone. Met two new people, well done everyone.

Last meeting for the year. Thanks to all that contribute throughout the year, hopefully next year we can make the group even better.


Merry Christmas & Happy new year to everyone.

First meeting for the year. Thanks everyone.

Great meeting,  3 new people came along. Good discussion about the effects of BDD. Thanks a lot everyone.

Thanks for everyone who attend, very good meeting and talk about BDD.

Thanks everyone again. Two new people attended.

Another good meeting.

Good meeting everyone, met a girl and her mum, thanks for everyone who attend

Thanks everyone for the last meeting,  we are getting more families attending, which is great for everyone.

Good meeting, more new people attended, thanks everyone.

Thanks everyone again.  Good discussion about BDD and how the best way to deal with it.

A lot more people attended, had very good talk about BDD. Thanks everyone.

Last meeting for the year, we had a great Christmas lunch, thanks to those who supplied the goodies.


Welcome to the new year.  Hope we all have a great one.

First meeting went very well. Thank everyone.

Our meeting went well, we had new people attend, very good to see everyone.

Hello, our meeting went very well, a good talk and we hope it help.

Thanks guys, great to meet new people, hope it help.

Very interesting meeting, everyone really opening up, thanks

Again new people attending, group is going very well, but we want more people

The group now does really need more people to attend, come on guys.

Thanks everyone, that’s a lot better, its your group, we all need to makes this work.

New people attend, both people who have issues with BDD and their friends, thanks to everyone.

Great meeting, thanks guys,

Hello everyone,  last meeting for the year, thanks for everyone who attended. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy year.   We will start again in January.  Thanks


Hello.  From the start of the new year, now all our meeting news will be put on our Facebook page. We are still having our monthly meetings, every last Sunday of each month. For dates and times contact us through our website below.  Thanks

Please email us at for more information.



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